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PR in a Box

PR in a Box is an interactive website and dashboard for startups and SMEs which, enables them to handle their own PR, social media and reporting.

For a long time, generating press coverage is something that PR professionals have shrouded in mystery and charged large monthly retainers to help businesses create awareness of their brand in the media. PR in a Box not only provides a one-stop shop for all their communications needs but with prices from £125.00 per month, it`s affordable for even the smallest businesses.

The dashboard has a number of functions to make communications easy.
- Writing press releases
- Building media lists across all industries
- Social Media - posting, monitoring and responding
- Mail Merge
- Monitoring what is happening with competitors and industry news
- Media centre to store all imagery, releases and videos - also a resource for journalists
- Analytics - see how press coverage affects web traffic
- Reporting - create quick summaries of what`s being said about the business in the press, social media and web traffic
- Strategy Building
- Templates, tips and training

In addition to these tools, the PR in a Box, team are on hand to provide support and advice for users on the site. The team is made up of experienced PR professionals, who are on hand to ensure that business owners get the support they need to create a buzz around their brand.

Unlike PR agencies, big budgets and fixed-term contracts are not a prerequisite at PR In A Box. The concept not only assists in the development of a marketing strategy but also allows founders to gain true PR experience.

Every brand has a story to tell, PR in a Box teaches brands how to tell theirs.

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