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What does your product do:

As StoryTEQ, we help brands to be personal and relevant in their online video marketing. We do this to create a better video ad experience for the consumer, boost engagement between the consumer and the brand and increase conversion at the bottom line.

To do all of this, we built a software platform to create, distribute and optimize dynamic videos in both owned and paid channels. Simply said our platform can:

• Create - Multiple video assets based on consumer and / or audience data

• Distribute - The videos via your channel of choice (e-mail, website, app, Facebook,
DBM, Open-web)

• Optimize - The performance of the video`s

Beside the tech, we have the knowledge to get you up and running in no time and help you to reach your marketing goals.

Where did the idea came from?

We founded StoryTEQ because we wanted to use video as a marketing tool and be personal at the same time, which seemed impossible.

Why video? Because it has the power to touch people at an emotional level and inspire them to take action.

Why personal? Because people are overloaded with information and if we want to continue steeling their hearts and minds, we need to be relevant in our communication.

Business Model

Our business model is pretty simple and exists out of 2 components:

• Pre-distribution - Our customers pay us a one-time fee to get up and running

• Distribution - Our customers pay us a monthly license fee based on the use of our platform (number of video`s served)

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