Corporate Animated Explainer Video, with a touch of comedy

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Did you know that a video especially animation on your website converts approx 64% more than text and images?

1.8 Million words is the equivalent of 1 minute of video, No?  

These are just a few facts on why every business small or large should be using video and animation to increase sales.  

I’m going to show you a particular project small animation studio “Full Rotation” created that shows you can make any subject fun to watch for your customers.

When Octopus Group asked us to help create an explainer film for their corporate client but make it fun with a hint of comedy we were excited with the opportunity.

Watch this short animated explainer here:

Octopus Group created a  lovely script, which we then illustrated all the scenes from. After rigging the characters for animation in Adobe After effects we then took their existing style and pushed each scene experimenting with posing and timing. It was great to be able to break out of a corporate feel and let them connect with their customers in a more fun engaging format.

If you would like an animated project like this feel free to call us on 0333 577 8060 or take a look at more work on

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