Danny Stone

Web Studio Lab

Danny is the founder of Web Studio Lab, which was born out of the demand for unique websites that brings out the character of a
business to the online stage. He employs his talent for combining slick designs with functional application developments – variant to
the clients’ needs. A firm believer that your customers are your best ambassadors, efforts are geared towards a genuine attitude, that
guide design and development to the betterment of the client.
When not working, he explores his passion for travelling and cycling. Many lessons from these experiences are relevant and thus
integrated into business practices – such as not giving up when the going gets tough!

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Prioritise our mission to clients – investing in relationships

An informative discussion directed at the relationships businesses create and maintain with clients. How it feels to be on the receiving end of frustrating strategies employed to retain clients can actually drive them away. It’s not just about the quality of work – which is important! – but also the journey through which the client experiences the service.