Guy White


Guy is the founder and CEO of the award winning marketing company, Catalyx - which enables better business growth by getting companies closer to consumer intelligence through the use of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence. He is recognised as a P&G Alumni 40 under 40 and was shortlisted for the 2017 Global Leader Data 50 awards. Before setting up Catalyx he was a Marketing Leader at Procter and Gamble managing their Beauty and Grooming portfolio across 40 global development markets.

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‘The dangers of automation and making MR compete with consultancy’

Automation is entering the market research industry at speed with innovative companies cropping up regularly. However, is a focus on automation removing the nuanced outputs that only human interfaces can offer? This topical and perhaps controversial talk, will discuss the positives and pitfalls about the race to automate and ultimately raise the question – shouldn’t the industry be less about cost per consumer data point and more about value per consumer data point?