Howard Thompson

Fusion Analytics

Working at the point where data meets statistics and technology. Howard supports businesses to overcome issues that were previously thought to be insurmountable. In his role as Data & Insight Director at Fusion Analytics he has focused on developing the ability to integrate multiple digital data sources with offline customer data to support a better understanding of how and why people buy.

Prior to his role at Fusion he has worked with a range of companies including; JD Williams, Cambridge Satchel Company, Subway, Waterstones, Swiss Re, Disney, Global Radio, SunLife and CapCo. If you are struggling to understand, use or apply findings from your data – Howard is the one to talk to.

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Making sense of marketing attribution

As the number, range, and type of marketing channels has evolved over the years so has the number of ways to measure marketing activity. Whilst each channel has its own method of understanding return on investment they rarely relate to an overall strategic understanding of the overall marketing mix. It is time to look at ways of unifying the tactical campaign reporting methods and get your single “sale” view.