Katie Jameson

Act-On Software

Katie is a marketing automation native. For the past ten years, across roles in Symantec and EMC to start-ups ResponseTap and Paywizard, she has implemented, integrated and executed programmes on a variety of marketing automation platforms - including Act-On.

Her passion for marketing is all encompassing. From the science of lead generation and attribution to the art of message development and brand engagement - for customers, prospects and partners.

Katie''s hands-on experience gives her the ability to cut through the jargon and speak candidly about marketing automation, demonstrating the absolute power it can bring to the sales and marketing organisation.

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The State of B2B Marketing Automation

During this session, you’ll learn about the shift in marketing to rethink your current strategies you’ll see some highlights of our research and how companies who have adopted MA really are seeing positive impact on their bottom line, what are the expectations vs reality and additionally, you’ll get some first-hand tips to kick off your Marketing Automation and how it can help marketers run tightly integrated awareness, acquisition, and retention marketing programmes.